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Kissing Goodbye To Comfort.

Kissing Goodbye To Comfort.

"Your largest fear carries your greatest growth."
"Fear is your fuel to a new life."
"Nothing worth having comes easy."
"Get off your lazy ass or your life will be really shit."

Ok, the last one might not be a real quote, but let's cut the niceties. 

Whilst these words of wisdom make perfect sense - you can't progress if you stand still - it's such a hard mentality to maintain.

Because the comfort zone is just so darn comfy. 

Within it, you know you're good at everything and nothing can go wrong because you've already experienced every factor. The possibility of failure, embarrassment, rejection or loss is slim. Sure, you don't have anything new and aspirational to post to accumulate those all important social media likes, but you can go through each week knowing exactly what to expect and that's such a nice feeling. It's a relief to step out of the chaos and just coast for a while.

But there's a huge flaw in this plan. Amongst the forgiven bed afternoons, social blackouts and promises of tomorrow, days turn into weeks, months and years, and before you know it, you're scared to step foot out of your happy place and your lovely stable life feels suffocating. You start to fear change, yet obsessively compare yourself to others. Everyone else has climbed Machu Picchu, found themselves in Thailand, dumped that boringly reliable partner for that new hot guy, or, most importantly, reached 45k followers on Instagram. Heaven forbid if they've founded a company, discovered their passion, created the family they've always wanted or finally found the things that set their heart on fire. Whether they're genuinely happy with the changes in their life or are just presenting these highlights for all to see, at least they've done something.

The thing is, we only get one shot at life. Unless reincarnation is a thing and then I'm 100% going to prefer my life as a house cat in Chelsea. But in the (unlikely) event that this doesn't happen, this is it, folks.

This. Is. It.

So I decided to stop taking the easy route. I limited my screen time, put in nap restrictions (there's no way I'm going teetotal on those golden hours), and worked on a reward scheme.

I work very well under pressure, with no choice or with the promise of a treat. So I set financial and personal goals with strict timeframes, told family members of my plans and have become accountable for my progression. But ultimately, the best way to keep momentum is to succeed. The feeling alone is like a drug. And, please, shout each success from the rooftops without feeling like you're bragging. Those who believe in you will be right by your side celebrating with you.

Here's to moving forward in 2017.

Whether it's in leaps and bounds, tiny steps, backwards - it doesn't matter, at least we're moving. 

What's the worst that could happen?


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jakobowens1

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