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Let's Live Down Under!

Let's Live Down Under!

Let me tell you a very quick story.

A long long time ago (2015) in a place far far away (Fulham), I was introduced to a mutual friend who, after a bit of bugging and a few strategic wines, soon turned into my boyfriend. But this is no ordinary boy meets girl story, for this man-child is a full on put-some-shrimps-on-the-barby Aussie, mate. Which, unsurprisingly, made this love story a little complicated. Especially as he was only in England for 3 months.

After 4 months of knowing each other, hundreds of Skype calls, and a few "how not to get eaten in Australia" Google sessions, I hopped on a plane down under and have been yoyo-ing between the two places ever since.

Whilst for the past 18 months this has been the norm for me, I can understand that it is most definitely NOT normal. So how do we make it work?

1. We're homeless!

Ok, that's a tad dramatic. We have places to live on both sides of the world, it's just that their not our homesWe find short term lets or bug our lovely families to live in their houses for 3 months before we hop back on a few planes and head to the next place. This is obviously not ideal when you're a full grown adult and by 2017 we will have won the lottery and come up with a far better plan. 

2. We work in our pyjamas!

Or as it's formally known, being "self employed". He's is a DJ, and I'm a freelance copywriter and social media manager, so as long as we have internet, we can work from wherever we choose. Which is mostly on the sofa in said pjs whilst shovelling handfuls of food into our (own) mouths.

3. We just love to live out of suitcases!

This actually doesn't apply to me at all. I hate it. But the lifestyle more than makes up for it.

4. He has a European passport

So he's pretty lucky to have one of those elusive dual nationality statuses meaning that he can stay in Europe for as long as he wants (providing Brexit doesn't kick him out on his ass). I, on the other hand, have spent the past year visiting on tourist visas which restricted me to working only on personal projects when I'm down under. I'm now the proud owner of a working visa and will only work in a job which has air conditioning and has nothing to do with Australian wildlife.

5. We both believe there is more to life than 9 to 5

And this is the biggie. We're just two people who are not built for office life. We embrace the spontaneity and can deal with the ups and downs you experience with a nomadic life. I genuinely have no idea where I'll be this time next year and that's ok. Some days I crave having a plan for the year or a home to call our own, but then I just wander down to the beach, put some shrimps on the barbe, and realise how lucky we are that we can experience such an amazing way of life. 

6. We don't mind being poor!

We single-handedly keep Emirates afloat. But who needs savings? It's just so not character building.

So there's our story. Would you trade 9 to 5 for the life of a nomad?


Kissing Goodbye To Comfort.

Kissing Goodbye To Comfort.