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How To Turn A Bad Day Around

How To Turn A Bad Day Around

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to see the bright side of life every day. Especially Mondays. Mondays are the worst.

Some days, despite having a great sleep, I wake up feeling uninspired and generally sluggish. You know, those days where everything in your wardrobe seems blah, you feel like everything is a huge effort, and you spill coffee down yourself before you've even had a sip. Yep, those mornings are a killer. 

But I'm starting to learn that I have the power to change my mood, no matter how bad it is. I've stopped allowing the dark cloud of procrastination to sit over me and instead take action to shake it off and restart my day with better vibes. Granted, some days I have to reset several times. The procrastination cloud is strong with this one.

So here's my tips for resetting your mood even on your worst can-I-just-go-back-to-bed-and-hide days:

Drink Water

God, what a boring tip. Whilst wine is also excellent for lifting your mood, it doesn't tend to lead to productivity. Shame, really. But water, on the other hand, is the quickest way to inject some life into your body and shake off that post-sleep fuzziness. It also helps me to concentrate during my afternoon slumps. I fill up my rather fetching pink bottle and take a walk around the apartment whilst drinking away. By the time it's done, I feel more awake and energised from a laptop break. And I also normally need a wee. Think of all the toxins you're flushing out!

Put On Your Workout Gear

It's worrying, but a pair of yoga pants, a workout bra and a loose t-shirt can completely turn around my attitude to the day. It's like the two little monkeys in my brain suddenly think, "Ooh, time to move!" and begin pumping energy into my limbs despite still remaining stationary at my desk. Who knows why dressing like you're off to Bikram yoga makes you more focussed than when you're in gross sweatpants, but it works and I'm not going to question it.

Get Inspired

There's nothing quite like seeing other people doing cool stuff to give you a kick up the ass. Go and read your favourite blog, watch (yet another) TedTalk, reread your favourite motivational quotes or stalk those old over-achieving school friends on Instagram. Whatever works for you, do it for 30 minutes and then crack on with your own projects with a spring in your step.

Take Some Deep Breaths

I understand that mornings can be hectic, especially if you're a major snooze button hitter like me, but it's really important to take a moment in the morning to just sit and breathe for a minute. Rushing from your bed, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, and out of the door with a piece of toast in your hand is not the ideal way to start an already crappy day. Stop, breathe, practise gratitude (I like to thank the Universe for the existence of the Aperol Spritz) and then blame traffic if you're late to work. It's worth it.

Listen to Despacito 100 Times

Do I even need to explain why? And it's totally fine to sing "burrito burrito" on the bits you don't know.

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What do you do to get out of a funk?




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