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How To Make Every Day A Happy One

How To Make Every Day A Happy One

As a rule, I normally don't trust people who are insanely happy every single day. It's weird and it makes me jealous, and I don't think it's at all achievable.

But in a bid to stop letting small bumps turn a normal day into a bad one, I've been learning how to be happy, just crack-a-smile-once-an-hour happy, every single day.

Bar Monday mornings, because they are hellish and will never be ok.

Here are my tips for a happier day!


The first thing I do when I wake up is tell David off for snoring all night and then pick up my phone to endlessly scroll through everything I missed. And considering that I'm in a different timezone to my friends and the random accounts that make me jealous that no one takes candid photos of me, there is A LOT to get through.

By the time I've finished, I am thirsty, desperate for a wee, and left with a slightly dull feeling. And let's face it, that is a terrible way to start the day.

So it's time to stop doing it.

Now I'm trying to leave the phone on aeroplane mode until after breakfast and start my day saying nice things to David and having a little stretch. A much more wholesome plan.


I know, this is easier said than done. Especially if you are a natural worrier and feel it is hard to overcome. But the longer I linger in the self help section of the library, the more I start to learn that YOU are in control of your emotions. YOU can decide whether to take on someone else's problems, bad vibes, or harsh words and let them affect you. YOU can decide to become anxious about a situation or YOU can try to implement a plan or immediate actions to relive the stress if possible. If not, YOU can decide to say "ok, I can't change this problem, so I'm going to learn to live next to it until it disappears". 

YOU YOU YOU. (Ok fine, we'll stop with the self help capital letters).

I've lost so many days to worry and I am refusing to let it take any more. So now I face worry head on and stop it in its tracks. I like to write my worries down as soon as they pop into my head to stop them from gaining momentum, but find what works for you. It could be texting your mum, going for a walk or having a good old cry.

Or a large wine, that often does the trick.


Ok, now you can really tell I've been in the self help section, but bear with me.

I generally live my life either in the future, daydreaming or second-guessing what's coming next, or in the past, wishing I could go backwards to good times or wishing I'd made a different choice. And that, my friends, is just such a wasteful way to live.

Of course you have to think ahead (one of the many joys of being an adult), but it is possible to also live in the present and react to every moment that unfolds before you. And I genuinely think this is how to become a happier person. 

As I understand it, being present means to be fully in each moment, experiencing it without any thought for what came before or what comes after it. To not be distracted because you're worried about tomorrow. To not be giving your friends half of your attention because you're too busy investing yourself in what strangers are doing on Instagram.

This is a tough one for me, but I find that on the days where I am present, I go to bed feeling happier.

I'm also pretty sure that buying yourself a present is just as effective so maybe just start with that and see how you go.


I don't know about you, but shoes that rub my feet would literally ruin any day, even if I was spending it with Ryan Reynolds, so I feel like this is just solid advice for everyone.

You're welcome.

What do you do to keep yourself feeling happy?






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